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Golf Posture

  • Giuseppe Costa
  • September 10th, 2018
  • Drivers
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    All of them feature the company’s signature RifleScope alignment technology. Happy also focuses on alignment by offering a customizable design. Bloodline putters feature a unique weighting design that allows the putter to stand up on it’s own so you can get behind the ball and check your aim.

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    That doesn’t make your flatstick immune to the benefits of clubfitting. In fact even a basic tweak of your putter’s most innocuous specs can pay huge dividends. Here’s what to keep your eye on courtesy of the fitting experts at True Spec Golf.

    One of the somewhat surprising successes for Srixon in recent years was the Z U65 utility iron which very nicely blended the distance and versatility of a hybrid with the added control of an iron.

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    For those who see the athletic breathable design as “just a sneaker” the Ignite PWRSPORT also features a very strong lightweight TPU saddle and a thinner TPU material in high-stress areas for Tour-like performance in all types of turf conditions.

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    Among those I’d start by looking at models from Bettinardi Evnroll SeeMore Happy and Bloodline. Each of these companies make high-quality products at varying price points. Furthermore they can perform exceptionally well provided you find one that fits your stroke eye and feel preference.

    Gallery of Golf Posture

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