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  • Dina Toscano
  • October 03rd, 2018
  • Balls
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    Companies like Odyssey Ping Scotty Cameron and TaylorMade produce fantastic flatsticks But it’s also true that there are some smaller lesser-known manufacturers who also make some really terrific putters.

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    None of the above matters if you can’t aim your putter correctly Experiment with offset and straight-in hosels — you’ll definitely aim one type better than the other. Then check the alignment marks. Do you prefer lines that run parallel to the target? How many lines? These are important questions that can best be answered through a proper fitting.

    The Z 785 driver is revolutionary for Srixon for a number of reasons but mostly because it produces up to 3 mph more ball speed than the previous model yielding up to ten more yards of total distance. The key to the impressive improvement is a new Ti51AF Cup Face which is lighter and significantly stronger allowing it to be made 10% thinner for more COR and ball speed at impact.

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    A versatile iron that can fit a wide variety of players from pros to better weekend warriors the 919 Forged fits snugly between the Tour and Hot Metal models. Built with the same Grain Flow Forged HD method as the Tour the Forged is made from Boron infused steel which is approximately 30% stronger than carbon steel.

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    Retriever Fitting Training Titleist Nerf Red Class Aid Ball Foam Academy Position Golf Flat Polara Diver Pauls Impact Tennis Hours Lessons Eye Quiz Smart Okc Taylormade

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    Fitting Golf Quiz Flat Eye Impact Hours Okc Nerf Foam Academy Ball Pauls Retriever Titleist Red Taylormade Lessons Polara Striking Position Training Diver Tennis Class Smart

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    Academy Titleist Golf Hours Impact Taylormade Aid Polara Class Position Training Diver Fitting Foam Smart Striking Eye Retriever Lessons Nerf Quiz Flat Pauls Ball Okc Tennis

    Like the TS2 the TS3 features the same thin titanium crown for lower and deeper CG location thinner and faster clubface for more distance and improved aerodynamic shape for more swing speed.

    Gallery of Ball Golf

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