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4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

  • Vivaldo Lombardi
  • September 26th, 2018
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  • superlite wheel push pull bag quad caddytek carts boy golf explorer cart fold bags 4 deluxe ez

    According to Brian Schielke marketing director at Srixon Golf the newest line of Z Series woods don’t simply represent an evolutionary improvement over the company’s past models but rather a “revolutionary” one and for good reason.

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    The JPX 919 Tour is available in 3-PW in right hand only and can be fitted with a wide variety of premium no-upcharge shafts and grips.

    We like the course-to-clubhouse-to-club versatility of these fashion-forward spikeless models as do an increasing number of Tour players. Here are our picks for the best of this athletic trend-setting bunch.

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    The Tour V.T. sole improves turf interaction as well. Both new models come standard with Nippon Modus steel shafts with a Miyazaki Kaula graphite shaft also available.

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    Superlite Fold Quad Carts Golf Deluxe Push Boy Cart Bag Wheel Pull Caddytek

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    Quad Fold Caddytek Boy Wheel Explorer Bag Golf Superlite Cart Carts Pull Push

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    Wheel Golf Quad Explorer Pull Carts Push Boy Bag Caddytek Deluxe Superlite Fold

    In addition the Z 785 comes stock with the exceptional Project X HZRDUS Black shaft which is hand made in San Diego for the utmost consistency (fyi – they go for about $300 in the aftermarket). For those considering this good-looking new stick it promotes a more boring low-spin trajectory and enhanced workability over the non-adjustable Z 585 model.

    Gallery of 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

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